who we serve

Discerning clients expect a competent, reliable partner.

They want to be listened to and heard, as well as educated. They value being talked to, not talked at. They value action over words. They understand that managing their financial life involves complexity and appreciate having a thoughtful, caring partner to help navigate important financial decisions that impact their lives.

In order to deliver great service to clients, we limit the number of families we serve. By doing so, our clients receive the personal attention and focus they deserve. Our clients typically have investment assets of $1 million or greater.

We serve people from many different walks of life, including:

Executives / Professionals

Many mid-career professionals have busy home and work lives. Most have company benefits such as 401(k)’s, stock awards and options, deferred compensation plans and insurance benefits that are complicated and require decisions throughout the year. They may require a thoughtful approach toward annual cash flow management and confirmation of the viability of their long-range goals. Because we work to understand our clients’ entire financial picture, we are able to provide thoughtful, effective advice that is coordinated with their long term plans.

Retired / Transitioning

Planning to retire and actually retiring is a major life transition. There are many decisions to be made in this process, such as rolling over a 401(k), determining when to begin taking a pension, or coordinating private health insurance benefits. As they hope to only retire once, our clients value our counsel in crafting the appropriate strategy for their finances, including their investment portfolio. Our clients realize the careful analysis of every option is critical to beginning retirement on the right track and protecting the nest egg they’ve built. We work with our clients and often times their human resource departments to understand these decisions and help guide them through this process.

Business Owners

The demands of owning and running a business take significant time and energy. These demands make it difficult for business owners to take the time to effectively manage their own personal financial lives. Business owners appreciate our proactive approach toward planning, as it allows them to do what they do best.  We work hard to integrate their personal planning with the long-term business plan. Whether its cash flow analysis, potential liquidity events, or multi-generational estate planning, we are there to help.

Sudden wealth

Receiving sudden wealth provides many opportunities. At the same time, it presents a new set of challenges, responsibilities, and questions. How does this wealth impact my lifestyle? Do I have a team of people that I can trust to guide me through the financial management, tax, and estate complexity? How do I preserve and protect resources for myself and future generations? We help individuals and families explore these questions as they navigate new areas of their financial life. Throughout the planning process, they become better educated and are able to make wise decisions.