investment philosophy

An investment portfolio structured to meet your needs.

We take our responsibility as an investment advisor seriously and will not invest your financial resources until we explore and fully understand your requirements. We help you determine specific cash-flow needs, identify the return required to meet your long-term goals, and explore your personal preferences. With this three-dimensional understanding, we are equipped to create an investment strategy that is strategically aligned with you.   

Our investment approach is anchored in the following core beliefs:


Our only compensation comes directly and explicitly from the clients that we serve. There are no sales commissions for selling you one product versus another, and we do not accept any form of compensation from distributors of investment products. We are truly independent.


We contend that the best financial firms choose to be either service-driven or product-driven.  When a firm attempts to both provide services and structure products, it is a prescription for conflicts of interest, even if no sales commissions are earned. We have not developed any in-house proprietary products. This ensures that we truly seek the best investment solutions available globally, with no incentive (whether financial or ego-driven) to recommend one solution over another. We are and will always remain a service-driven organization, committed to keeping our service clear and straightforward.

Predicting the Future

It is extraordinarily difficult for any forecaster, no matter how intelligent and well-intended, to accurately and consistently predict economic trends and stock market returns over time. Individuals are no better than experts in this regard. Historical evidence proves that the most realistic path to success is to remain fully invested with a solid plan and a long-term perspective.

Research Produces Results

We dedicate significant time and resources to investment research. This research leads to a high level of conviction and discipline in our approach to preserving and growing financial assets. Although investment research does not guarantee success, a lack of education and discipline will almost certainly lead to failure. Our research helps bring sense and direction to what can be a chaotic investment world full of complex products and strategies.

A Broad Strategy is Better

Various investment strategies perform well at different times. Smoother return patterns are therefore accomplished by diversification across multiple strategies. We focus on investment opportunities that are globally diversified across a variety of investment types and styles.


From time to time, financial markets will experience either extreme pessimism or extreme optimism, causing an investment portfolio to stray from its intended targets. Left unadjusted, a portfolio can become either too risky or too conservative. We sell over-heated areas at times of maximum optimism when prices are high, and buy into downtrodden asset classes at time of maximum pessimism, when prices are lower. This simple discipline is an effective way to add value and control risk.

costs matter

We know that taxes, fees, and transaction costs can significantly impact portfolio returns. We strive to manage all three, allowing you to keep more of what you earn. As a professional advisor, we have access to institutional investments with lower expenses than those available to retail investors.