planning process

Your needs go well beyond investment management.

To make sure every client is served well, we are deliberate in establishing and monitoring a plan that addresses all the important aspects of their financial life. Although each client experience is unique, the outline below will help you better understand how we approach Personal Financial Management: 

01 understanding you

We must understand what you value and what you want to achieve. We’ll spend time with you reviewing your records and discussing your experiences. This time together will help establishing a solid foundation in order that we can provide you with optimal advice. Our ongoing discussions to better understand you allow us to integrate all aspects of your financial life, resulting in a meticulously crafted plan.

02 the plan

Do I have sufficient resources to meet my family’s needs? Now that my family is taken care of, can I accomplish my other goals? Developing a long-range plan together, we’ll help you answer the hard questions. We may ask a few too. This ongoing process will help us to always align your actions today with your plans for the future.

03 investment implementation

Aligning your financial resources today with your current needs and future plans is critical. We’ll establish investment guidelines that will provide both guidance and discipline to the stewardship of your financial resources. We continually manage your investments, keeping you informed and educated along the way.

04 risk control

Developing a dynamic plan and investment strategy isn’t enough. Protecting against unforeseen risk is vital. This includes working with your insurance providers to review property and casualty insurance, life and disability insurance, as well as long-term care insurance. It also involves engaging your estate attorney to ensure your estate plan is consistent with your goals.