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David McIntosh
associate advisor
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I joined Paracle in my search for an organization specializing in long term wealth management through the integration of financial planning and investment advice. Paracle turns complex financial advice into easy-to-understand guidance for their clients - which seems to be rare in the financial services industry today. Prior to Paracle, I was a Relationship Manager at Fisher Investments, serving clients in the United Kingdom. In this role I had the opportunity to serve others through thoughtful financial education, guidance and advice.

I was born and raised in Idaho on my family’s grain farm which has now expanded to include a grape vineyard/winery. Discovering the many financial variables that go into farming led me to study Business Finance and graduate from the University of Idaho in 2011. Currently I’m in the process of working toward my Certified Financial Planner® certification at UCLA.

In my free time, athletics play an important part in my life. In most cases you can find me playing golf, basketball, or swimming. Participating in these activities have taught me hard work, discipline, and teamwork. Outside of sports I enjoy spending time traveling and exploring new places around the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Lastly, after helping establish my father’s vineyard in 2006, I can occasionally be found enjoying both the art of wine making as well as enjoying a taste or two of the results of our hard labor.