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What To Expect

A Straightforward Process
A responsive and knowledgeable team; keeping you accountable to your plan
Clear financial value through transparent, conflict-free advice


Plan · Optimize · Protect


Our first meeting together is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. Learning about your personal values and gaining an understanding of your goals will help us collaboratively frame and develop your personal financial plan.

Financial Planning

Confidence comes from knowing what you have, understanding what you save or spend, and planning for where you’re going.

  • Your plan starts with building your balance sheet. It’s more than just an investment account.
  • We’ll assist you with understanding liquidity needs and create a customized cash flow analysis.
  • What are your short and long-term goals? We’ll stress test your plan to make sure you get there.
  • Your written plan defines your goals and will keep us both accountable to achieving them.
  • Read “Value of Advice” below…

Investment Management

Investment confidence is not about predicting the markets. It’s about having a plan when markets are unpredictable.

  • Your portfolio should be designed to strike a balance between short and long-term needs, providing for your cash needs in the near term, while targeting growth in the longer run.
  • We’ll look at different portfolio allocations and determine which provides the best chance of success for you.
  • You may have strong beliefs about what you want to invest in. We’re here to listen. Every portfolio we manage is unique to each family we serve.
  • Paying attention to investment location (ex: in a retirement account or taxable account) allows us to help maximize your after-tax returns.
  • Read “Investment Philosophy” below…


Understanding your income sources, your company benefits, and entire net worth helps us think strategically to ensure you are taking advantage of opportunities available to you (tax planning, 401(k), college planning, etc.). We’ll also help build your team by working with your CPA, your Attorney, and other professionals to ensure everyone is on the same page; keeping you and your families goals in mind.

Tax Planning

When it comes to income, what you keep is as important as what you earn.

  • Proactive tax planning is core to our service. We’ll work with your CPA to ensure we are optimizing tax strategies based on your situation.
  • A team approach will help maximize opportunities to reduce your tax burden (i.e. tax loss harvesting, charitable giving, tax-efficient investment accounts, retirement plan contributions/withdrawals, etc.)
  • The impact of taxes on investments are significant. Determining the proper investment location can provide you with an optimal after-tax return.

Company Benefits

Reviewing your company benefits and ensuring you’re taking advantage of the entire plan can add up to thousands in savings each year.

  • We’ll help review benefit elections related to health, life, and disability insurance, etc. to ensure the elections are aligned with your long-term plan.
  • Equity plans are unique and complex. We’ll spend time understanding and maximizing their benefits (Stock Options, RSU’s, ESPP Plans, etc.).

College Education

The desire to help our children pay for college can be daunting.

  • Planning and paying for college may be part of your financial plan.
  • We’ll help you understand how much to save and how to save in the most efficient way.
  • Let’s bring your children into the conversation at the right time and help them build a ‘college budget’ so they are invested in the process.

Family Planning

Every family dynamic is unique. If financial stress is part of yours, we can help.

  • If appropriate, we’ll help you think about financial needs for your parents.
  • Our experience with retirement care facilities and their costs helps to ensure we include these expenses in your financial plans.
  • Discuss how to sustain wealth through generations by intentional family planning.


Planning for the unexpected is a crucial step in protecting your financial plan. We don’t sell insurance or any other products, but we will help facilitate conversations with experts in risk management (life, disability, home/auto, and long-term care) and estate / legacy planning to help identify if you and your family are adequately protected.

Estate/Legacy Planning

Preparing for the unexpected can bring peace of mind and make things much easier for our loved ones.

  • Our work together will confirm the key players (guardians, personal representative, etc.) identified in your estate plan are current and appropriate.
  • Details matter – we’ll help make sure your assets are titled appropriately and beneficiary designations are consistent with your estate plan.
  • We’ll work with your estate attorney (or recommend one) to complete, update, and/or monitor your plan.

Insurance Planning

We spend a lot of time together building your plan. Now let’s protect it from the unexpected.

  • We’ll work with your insurance agents (or recommend one) to complete and/or update your coverage based on changing life events.
  • We’ll help make sure your financial plan is protected with life and disability insurance, if needed.
  • We help review your home, auto, personal property, and umbrella coverage.